Pricing and Delivery

Ultra fast delivery!

Why do we deliver so quickly? To make you look good for your clients of course!!!

Our pricing model lets you set clearly defined pricing for your customers.

We will gladly provide an estimate prior to starting your job. However keep in mind that the actual invoicing will be based on the actual stitch count of the completed job.

Delivery Schedule -

New Orders: Orders placed by 5:00 Eastern Standard Time are normally delivered next business day. The more detailed information you provide, the better chance for rapid delivery.

Be sure to clearly define, size, material, number of colors and most importantly let us know if areas of a design are to be filled in or not. Example, white background with black circle. Does the white get filled in or is it the material showing through. Any order with incomplete information may be subject to a delivery delay.

Edits: Due to our intense schedule of delivering high quality designs within 24 hours, sometimes our edit process can take up to one business day to complete. Often times, we can do an edit same day, however we want our customers to know that it can take as long as 1 business day depending upon the design.

There is never a charge for a portion of a design that might not have come out to your satisfacton. However, items that require customer modifications such as removing elements, adding elements or a size change that requires design modifications will be charged a rework charge.


Stitch Count Pricing
Less than 4,000 $29.95
4,000 - 12,499 $48.95
12,500 - 16,499 $69.95
16,500 - 24,999 $99.95
25,000 - 39,999 $149.95
40,000 - 69,999 $225.00
70,000 and over $400.00
Rework Fee $19.95

PRICING TIP - If you absolutely need to stay within a certain stitchcount, please indicate that on special instructions. We will notify you if your request will present any design problems or if adjustments need made to reach your goal. Caution: Requesting a specific stitchcount can cause a minor order delay if we have to communicate back and forth to work out any details.


Standard Art Service $18.00
Intermediate Art Service $25.00
Complex Art Service $35.00
Conceptual Art Service: $50.00